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“The Game of Life”                               “Stand firm, and you will win life." Luke 21: 19

It was just another morning when Alfred Nobel sat down to enjoy his morning coffee and read the paper.  He was terrified when he opened to the obituaries and found his own name was listed!  He read through the obituary and was furthered horrified at the content-statements like “thank goodness he’s gone” “merchant of death” and many other terrible descriptions of a life he wouldn’t have been proud of. 


Turns out that the obituary was actually for his brother and the newspaper had simply mixed up their names.  His brother was the inventor of dynamite and while it was used in peaceful ways in mining and other non-military ways, it was the use in war for mass killing that the newspaper was describing.


Alfred wanted to ensure his legacy would be framed in a much more positive way and set out to create, through his estate, prizes-including a prize for peace.

Whenever I hear that story, I wonder what my own obituary would read like.  Depending on who wrote it, I suppose it could be just about anything.


Like Alfred, I hope that I am able to leave a positive legacy.


What do you think your obituary would read like, if you were read it today?


What do you HOPE your obituary would read like?


Our scripture reading today is reminding us that if we stand firm in our faith, if we do not waiver in our commitment and love founded in Jesus Christ, we will win life.


What an amazing guarantee for each of us.

The benefits we receive from standing firm in our faith and commitment to Jesus Christ bleeds into nearly every aspect of our lives-our work, friends, family, hobbies, even our church lives.


Winning doesn’t mean no pain, no setbacks, no discontentedness.  Winning means you draw closer to God through those challenges THROUGH your faith.  Winning is the promise of eternal life through your faith in Jesus Christ! 


I read a quote yesterday that said “When death is inevitable, the way of dying is important.”  I think that sentiment rings so true for all of us as in life as well.  If we are going to have a life, we really ought to treat it as though how we are living is important (something we get to do and not have to do).


As you go through this week I invite you to stand firm in your faith.  I invite you to stand firm in your trust and hope in Jesus Christ.  Let challenges be presented and difficulties come by and you will see as you plant your heals deeper into that holy sand, how much better we are and will be.


May it be so,

Rev. Lou Ward



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