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Who Do You Seek?

Psalm 46:1

"God is our refuge and strength,
    an ever-present help in trouble."



Ever notice acceptance and love from people is usually conditional?


Jesus was the toast of the town.


Jesus healed people of many illnesses, afflictions, and problems that plagued them.


He taught countless people truths about God, himself, and the faith tradition they had known for many generations.


Jesus had a core group of men and women who traveled with him supporting him and defending him-even cutting off the ear of a guard on the night he was arrested.


Who did Jesus seek out on the night in which he was to give himself up for us?  His Lord and Savior.  As he often did many times before when life got so difficult and people constantly turned on him.  He didn’t seek out Peter or Andrew.  Didn’t pull Thomas aside to seek the strength he would need to endure.


Jesus sought out solitude to be still with his Father.


Jesus depended on his friends for many things but never depended on them for his inner strength.


The psalmist is reminding us that our rock is and always will be Jesus.  Jesus is the immovable force for which we may find comfort, draw our strength when we find ourselves exhausted and depleted, and our “ever present help”.


Are you in need of help this week?


Each of us will go through trials and tribulations.  We will be tested by the world we engage and will need to find refuge and strength many times in our lives.


Where are we seeking that refuge?


In whom are we seeking our strength?


May you vigorously seek out God for your help, strength, and refuge this week during your joys, fears, hopes, and worries. 


Don’t put your energies and efforts solely in the things of this world but turn to God for support.


God can and will handle it.


God will lift you up and help you soar higher than any earthly being or thing.  God is and always will be, our loving and unchanging God.


May it be so,

Rev. Lou Ward

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