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“You’ve Got a Cup!”

Philippians 4:4


"Rejoice in the Lord always. Again, I will say rejoice."  (NIV)

If you weren’t in church with us on this past Sunday-I showed a video of Nick Vujicic-he was born with no arms and no legs but has gone on to become a powerful Christian Motivational speaker.  Each time I watch one of his videos- I am deeply encouraged by his message of hope and acceptance.  If you weren’t in church on Sunday and would like to watch the video you can click this link: or just search Nick Vujicic's Most Touching Speech - 2015 Motivation,


Today I want to share with you another amazing person-someone also inspires me with a can-do attitude and someone who truly rejoices in the Lord.  Nick Scott was a wonderful student athlete, but at 16 Nick was in a terrible automobile accident that took away the use of both of his legs.  He became very depressed, gained considerable weight from inactivity and poor eating, and after a long battle with questioning and depression, turned to bodybuilding to heal.  He famously said “Perspective isn’t, is the glass half empty or half full; its, you’ve got a glass.”


You’ve got a glass.


Too often we fail to rejoice in the Lord because we are caught up with the fact that we don’t have this or that or even deceive ourselves that “nothing seems to be going right” or that we can’t seem to catch a break. 


Have you said or thought any of those things?  Most of us have.  Life is tough at times.  Nick Scott, along with our scripture reading today, is reminding us that, no matter what-at least “we’ve got a glass”. 


We have been given this beautiful thing called life-a gift.  We get to experience joy, happiness, love, patience-and yet  we also get to experience pain, frustration and waiting, anxiety, and sadness.  Life is an immensely complex gift full of surprises and blessings.


May our scripture this morning remind us what a gift life truly is and may we always rejoice in the Lord for all we have been given and continue to receive so that we may in turn be blessed to be a blessing to others.


Pray:  Lord, remind us when we need reminding the most how great a gift this life truly is.  May we always rejoice in you and the love that you have for us.  May we pause and give thanks always.


Read:  Psalm 5:11, Deuteronomy 16:11, Deuteronomy 12:7


Act:  As you walk, drive, do chores, even work-pause to just say thank you for one thing the Lord has provided.


Yourself:  Sleep in one day this week.  If that’s not possible, lay in bed for a few moments just “being”. 



May it be so,


Pastor Lou

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