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“The Day After”                                    

“And having been warned in a dream not to go back to Herod, they returned to their country by another route.”  Matthew 2: 12


Our household, with small boys, is still quite an excited buzz on Christmas morning.  One of our boys wakes up super early most days and Christmas is no exception.  He wakes up ready to open up all his gifts.  Our other little guy sleeps as late as humanly possible and doesn’t change much on the morning of Christmas, although to be fair, we don’t have to drag him out of bed for Christmas like we do school…


I am sure you remember when your kids were little but there is an electric energy in the air of things to be.  Did they get what they asked for?  Did Mom and Dad and Santa listen carefully to the list of things they asked for?  What took a while to wrap only takes seconds to unwrap.


The day after Christmas, however, the boys wake up a little more like normal.  They still are excited, only now it’s not excitement for what could be but for what is. December 26th feels very much like just any other day.


When Jesus was born there was also quite a bit of excitement and buzz.  Angels visited people to prepare them, shepherds left their flock to go visit the newborn king, and Kings even travelled great distances to see the King of Kings.


Our scripture reading today reminds us that Jesus was born and everyone sort of just went back to doing what people then did.


Some went back to shepherding their flocks, the kings returned to be kings of their homelands, and of course Joseph and Mary were forced to flee to Egypt for the safety of their son.  King Herod would change thousands of parent’s lives searching for the Christ Child in those first couple of years.  King Herod and the religious leaders authorized the murder of thousands of male children two and under.  Jesus escaped but many did not.


When Jesus and his family returned they returned to a rather normal life.  People forgot, as they often do, that he was even the Messiah.  Time marched on for them in the families absence.


Likewise, life can sometimes quickly go back into the same patterns and routines after Christmas and Easter for us, even when we have really powerful spiritual experiences.


I would like to invite you this Christmas, yes we have left Advent and are now actually in the Christmas season, to slow down and be intentional with your spiritual practices and some of those delicate relationships. 


Take time to spend time building a habit spending time with God each day in prayer, reading scripture, devotionals, or meditating.  Practice fasting from food, bad habits, bad thoughts, and even bad words.  Step back from the things that might pulling you way from God while finding ways that help you step closer into relationship with God. 


Let us not slip back into complacency this year now that Christmas is gone but rather stay excited about the birth of our Lord and Savior!  Let us remind ourselves every single day that God chose us long before we ever chose God.  What a gift worth celebrating every single day.


May it be so,

Rev. Lou Ward



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