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If Not You, Then Who?

Isaiah 6:8

"Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, 'Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?'

And I said, 'Here am I. Send me!'"


I still remember when God asked me to go into ministry.


It wasn’t God who did the actual asking it was my coworker Laura.


She was a woman of incredible faith.


One week she kept coming up and wanting to ask me something and I could tell something was bothering her.


I thought, “Uh-oh.  I did something wrong, she reported me, and now she wants to tell me before I get in trouble.”  This was the normal in the office we worked in.  We called it “getting thrown under the bus.”


A week went buy of what seemed like anxiety to say something and still no invite to the director’s office, so finally I asked her, “Laura, is something wrong?”


“Let’s walk,” she said.  We headed out to the break room and she finally revealed what was on her mind.


Would you consider becoming a state patrol chaplain?  I’ve felt called to ask you all week and you don’t have to but I need to ask.


“What is a chaplain?” I thought.  I went home and googled what a chaplain was and decided I would go through the training to do it.  I figured if I wasn’t meant to do it, someone would tell me no.  They never did.


That was my first foray into ministry.  From there God called me to seminary, to serve in the Army Reserves as a chaplain, into the ordination process, to serve two churches while still working, and ultimately into full time pastoral ministry.


Laura felt called to share with me something God had spoken to her about me.  Perhaps God had been asking me and I was too dense to respond or God knew that I needed someone else showing belief in me to compel me to action.  Either way, since that first yes to ministry I have been saying “Here I am Lord, please send me.”


It led me to serve the men and women of the state patrol, to Fort Carson, Walsenburg, then also Trinidad, and finally here in La Junta.  I continually thank God for speaking to me through Laura so that I could finally answer, “Here I am, send me.”


God is calling you to be a disciple maker as well.  While God may not be calling you into full time ministry, God is absolutely calling you to make disciples in your life.


Laura was nervous to ask me about becoming a Chaplain because I could have reported her for proselytizing and she could have been written up or fired.  It was no secret that she was a devout Christian woman and someone could have used that against her as retaliation, even another employee eavesdropping at my cubicle.  God had placed it on her heart and she took the risk.  I am thankful for men and women like Laura who speak truth to us even in uncertainty.


There are many ways to respond to God’s call.  Saying yes to God comes in many different duties and ways of serving.  I pray you find ways of hearing God whispering to you through other people (perhaps when they say “wow you are really good at X,Y, or Z” for example).  Christians do all sorts of jobs, volunteer work, mission work, and hobbies.  The world needs you now more than ever to be the light of Christ through kindness, empathy, love, and understanding. 


St. Francis said “Preach the gospel at all times, and use words when necessary.”  Will you answer God’s call to preach the gospel at all times in all you do?  If you do it right, you often won’t even have to say anything.  Will you join me in saying “Here I am Lord, please send me!”


May it be so,

Rev. Lou Ward

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