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Unity Over Division

Amos 3:3


“Do two walk together, unless they have agreed to meet?

I am not sure where the middle ground is anymore in our country.  It’s either black or white – not with all certainly – but with many people.


I feel a deep division in our nation between conservative and liberal, republican and democrat, Christian and Non-Christian, patriotism and protest.


I have heard stories of friendships being torn apart over the last couple years over politics.


I have limited my Facebook and social media just so that I can maintain a level of sanity with all the Either/Or happening in my newsfeed.  How can two people with complete opposite viewpoints both be right?


As a result, I am spending more time with Scripture, seeking Truth and guidance in the words of Jesus and the actions of Christ.


I find contentment while reading about a God who came to Earth in a human form to unite us.


Jesus sought out divided peoples in his inner circle.


Matthew was a tax collector.  Tax collectors were despised due to the way they placated to the Roman government and then robbed from their own people to make a profit.


Simon the Zealot was a zealot.  They would hide in the mountains and spring attacks on the occupying Romans to include those that aided them, i.e. the tax collectors. 


Simon and Matthew couldn’t have been further from each other on the political, social, economic, philosophical spectrum and yet…….Jesus brought them together.


They were forced to sit, eat, pray, worship, and love together.


Scripture is filled with examples of God using unlikely people and bringing them together as the Body of Christ.


Our Scripture reading today simply asks: could two people possibly walk together if they hadn’t already talked about it and planned it?  Our Scripture is reminding us that until we decide to meet in our agreements and similarities we will always be distracted and divided by our differences.


We choose to respect our differences.  It is a choice.  Facebook of course helps us draw a line in the sand with the memes we share, the videos we post, and the comments we make but we can and must do better.  The Kingdom of God was never meant to be divided over politics, social status, ideologies, or biases. 


I am not sure if you have felt the divide I have experienced.  If not, praise Jesus.  If you have, remember the words from Amos this morning: “Do two walk together, unless they have agreed to meet?”


It is a deliberate and calculated decision to unite rather than divide.  Never compromise your beliefs or refuse to stand up for what you believe but we need to remember that someone always has to make the first move to unity.  Why not it be us?


Pray:  Gracious and loving God, you are bigger than any problem or situation we have.  You could never be removed from schools, government, church, or any other institution because we don’t tell you where to go.  We pray you continue to move our hearts and our spirits towards unity and understanding.  May you continue to stir in us new ways of hearing and listening.


Read:  1 Corinthians 6: 1 – 8 ESV


Act:  Give up being right for a week.  I heard it called “right fighting”.  Listen and don’t respond (assuming its not a dire situation and someone’s at risk). 


Yourself:  Take a break from news for a couple days.  However, you get the national/international news we are inundated with information now and need time to process it.  With 24-hour news cycles, we really don’t have time to digest.





Rev. Lou Ward

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