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Luke 11: 9


“So I say to you: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

I am not sure if you haven’t noticed but I don’t ask for help.  I grew up in Maine where independence was valued over almost every other trait besides perhaps honesty, loyalty, and faithfulness.  The winters were harsh and no one was going to go out and get the fire wood for you.  No one was going to split and stack the fire wood for you.  In fact, while most of my friends were headed to the beach in the summer-you guessed it-I was splitting and stacking wood.


I mention this because over the years I have become much more intentional about being aware of my needs and my limitations.  I can’t do everything all by myself all the time.  You can’t and I can’t.  When I do try to do everything usually something bad happens either to myself, my family, or the person I am supposedly trying to help.


A few weeks ago I mentioned in a sermon that it takes a village.  It really does require many hands to make light the work.  I wonder if we have all become so fiercely independent that we forget from time to time we weren’t designed to do everything all by ourselves.   God created us to be dependent as much as God created us to be independent. 


Our scripture today, from Jesus himself, reminds us that all we must do is ask and it will be given.  Jesus continues and says we must knock and the door will be opened to us.


Jesus reminds us of our greatest foe: our ego.  Stubbornness has led me down some lonely roads.  Have you been so stubborn that you look back and thought “man what was I thinking?”  Truth be told, most of us can find those times where we could have put the ego in check and simply accepted help or if needed, asked for help. 


I invite you to listen to the words of Jesus this week.  Are you floundering in an area of your life?  Have you been trotting in proverbial or even literal circles?  Have you been fiercely independent when God is calling you to become a bit more dependent?


As the body of Christ we are strengthened by our community and our faith in God.  Alone we are but one believer but together…together we are the kingdom of God! 


Pray:  Gracious Lord, thank you for the Church which you call us to be a part of.  Thank you for reminding us that we don’t have to do any of this alone-that you have given us friends, family, church members, and community to lift us up and share in our hopes, fears, and dreams.   Move in us a spirit of cooperation and obedience to your word.  Amen.


Read: Psalm 107:28-30


Act:  Next time someone you know and trust offers to help you, let them.  Helping is often as much about them as it is for us and we all need to help and be helped from time to time.  We are in community.


Yourself:  Start each day with an act of gratitude for the remainder of November.  I say three things I am thankful for out loud but there are lots of ways to do this.





Rev. Lou Ward

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