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The Quiet Ones

1 Peter 5:6


“Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so that in the proper time he may exalt you.”

Shakespeare reminds us in Henry V, still today in La Junta 2018 ” . . .there’s nothing so becomes a man as modest stillness and humility.”


Yet humility and being humble can be difficult – man, woman, OR child.


Landon’s terrible at it.  He will tell you how he is the best reader, best soccer player, best this and that-maybe he’s even told one of you one of these things.


I was so impressed when Weston Buhr came to play our church several weeks ago.  God has given him such an incredible gift of music with an otherworldly work ethic in which to continue to practice and improve.  When you talk with him though he remains such a humble and down to earth young man.  It has been everyone else making a bigger fuss about him than he has made about himself it seems.


Scripture reminds us that God has blessed each and every one of us with gifts and graces.  We must seek to find what it is that God has created us for and to be.  The author of 1 Peter reminds us at the same time that we must remain humble so that God can exalt us when the time is right.  Not the other way around.


I learned a long time ago that the most talented people never tell you that they are talented.  The most happy people don’t have to constantly remind you how happy they are in order to be happy.  I watch for the quiet ones and often try to avoid the loud ones constantly telling me how amazing they are.  Maybe you are the same way…Humility is often a blessing in and of itself.


I have never been a superstar at anything.  I usually am a middle of the pack kinda’ guy.  Not terribly bad but also never been the best.  There are some folks who could open up a country western store and it would be the most successful of all time or start a travelling hip hop trio and be the best travelling hip hop trio since Run DMC.  We all know those people-you might even be one of those lucky people.  Most of us however are somewhere further back in the pack and when we taste success we can easily be tempted to boast or get a little big for our britches.  I pray our scripture reminds us that God has amazing plans for us all including lifting us up for all that we do when the time is right.  Until then-let us remain humble and steadfast in serving God quietly and patiently.


Pray:  Gracious and loving God-continue to move in us a spirit of humility and stillness.  Make us aware of how we use our gifts and for what end.  May we have the full confidence of you in all that we do and try.


Read: Acts 18: 1-17 (part of this will be the sermon this Sunday so you get a head start if you read it before Sunday!)


Act:  Compliment someone on something they do or try to do.  Be watching for those around you trying new things and looking for support or encouragement.  Be that person who lifts them up-you might be the only one who does.


Yourself:  Try something new!  Need an idea?  Try cooking a new recipe.  Try a new restaurant.  Try going to the Wipe Out waterslide and go down the Tiger’s Tail slide.   Try singing in the choir on Sunday.


To all of you who try hard each and every day-please know that I see you and I support you.  Remain steadfast in all you do. 





Rev. Lou Ward

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