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Wrestling with Scripture

Proverbs 23: 12 (NIV)


“Apply your heart to instruction and your ears to words of knowledge.”

My heart usually wants to believe what it wants to believe.


My grandfather used to always tell me that he could tell what anyone cared about by looking at their checkbook register.  We invest in the things we care most about.


How we spend our money we work hard to earn, our precious time, and our often-limited energy tells a great deal about what we value and what we want out of this life.


Many have said that what we put into the world is what we get back.  Study hard and you get good grades.  Practice playing guitar everyday and soon you become proficient at playing guitar.  Apply your heart to instruction and our ears to words of knowledge and we begin to hear God speaking to our hearts and soul.


This is important as scripture constantly reminds us that we need to spend time sitting with the word of God learning what God is speaking to us.


As Methodists we refer to scripture as the “Living Word of God” because while it was written many centuries ago – it is still speaking and teaching us here in La Junta in 2018.


The author of this important Proverb understood that knowledge is power – not power in the sense of control of others but a much more important power – the power over yourself.  Ignorance is most definitely not bliss.  The more we know and the more we understand the greater our enjoyment and appreciation of life and God’s amazing creation.


I always use the example of scripture.  Scripture becomes so much richer and more complete when you begin to understand the many nuances of the history, cultural references, geography, and all the other important pieces that come together to truly understand the richness of scripture.  In fact, when you ‘apply your heart to instruction and your ears to words of knowledge’ the words almost leap off the page.


I pray that you are having a blessed week.  I pray that you do not only have time each day to simply spend in scripture but that you spend time trying to understand the scripture that you are reading.  For example, try to understand who the people of Corinth were, why the Sea of Galilee was so vital, what the reputation that the people of Nazareth carried, etc.  Google questions you have when you come across them in scripture and also read those notes at the bottom of your bible – the ones that give you further information about word history, cross scriptural references, etc.


Pray: Lord I pray that you continue to imprint a desire for learning and deeper understanding so that our faith strengthens with our knowledge and desire to learn.  I pray that we choose knowledge over ease and continue to push ourselves with new ideas and new ways of learning.


Read: Psalm 1: 1-6


Act: Go to the library and check out a book that interests you.  Don’t have time to sit and read a book everyday – no worries!  Get an audiobook and listen to it on your drive!  Jenna listened to many audiobooks on her commute to Las Animas and looked forward to the long commute (or at least dreaded it less…)


Yourself:  Do one thing that helps you learn more about something:  listen to a podcast, read a magazine, read a book, sit and have a conversation with someone you respect and admire.  Commit to learn something new about something.  Then share that with someone!





Rev. Lou Ward

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