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Psalm 130:5


“I wait for the LORD, my whole being waits, and in his word, I put my hope.”

If you were to ask me as a child what I wanted to be when I became an adult you would have heard a lot of answers.  At one point, I wanted to be a lawyer, a doctor, a mechanic, an engineer, a teacher, a rock star…you name it-I am sure at one point or another I’ve wanted to be everything.


As I became an adult after high school I was fortunate enough to have had many different jobs.


For example, I worked one job in a medical research facility where I had to wear a biohazard suit and put live influenza and other random virus’ on strips to test if the strips were working effectively.  It was dangerous and absurd-exactly what I wanted as a young person.


I worked as a janitor at 18 and in the beginning, would often be sent to the principal’s office because the teachers didn’t believe I wasn’t a student.  When I was 25 I looked 18 but trust me, I looked 15 when I was 18. Now, as I have lived many incarnations in my life, I finally look my age.


I even worked one job in college where I met my wife Jenna.  I was leading backtracking trips in Colorado and the Southwest including the Sonoran Desert into Mexico.  She had signed up for one of those trips and the rest, as they say, it is history.


I’ve had many various jobs and yet if you were to ask me during any of those jobs if I would ever be a pastor I would laugh and say no.  Not because I didn’t love God but because I couldn’t sing.  You see, in my mind, if you were going to be a man of God you had better be able to sing.  That’s all there was to it.


Then God began to use my experiences to teach me that my understanding of ministry was merely what I had seen in movies and on TV. 


I would learn eventually that pastors and priests have many different gifts and graces-some of music and some, like me, have little or no musical ability.


Today I was reminded that many of us struggle to understand what purpose we have in life.  Many of us work at jobs that seem to pay the bills but seem to offer little else.  Still others seem to have found exactly what God has called them to be and seem so happy all the time it’s almost supernatural. 


I have come to being a pastor as a multi career person. After my many post high school and college jobs, I started as a teacher and moved into corporate training only then to get into ministry.  I’ve been in ministry in many settings-state patrol, military, and church.  God used those experiences to help illuminate what my gifts and graces were in teaching, leading, and managing. 


I have gone through many incarnations over the years-none of which seemed to be perfect as I was going through them and yet here I am better for it.


I have had many versions of who I am today-helping to make me into the person I am today.  Each season of life has brought me closer to understanding who God has made me to be as well as why God made me the way God did.  Some jobs pulled me away from God while others seemed to draw me closer.


Perhaps you are reading this wondering what gifts and graces God has given to you.  Maybe like me so often in my life you are in a job or career that doesn’t seem to be providing fruits to your spirit.  It may be difficult to understand why you are “stuck” where you are currently at.


Or perhaps you are in a season of contentment where you feel you have finally settled into what God has called you to.


Our scripture today simply reminds us “I wait for the LORD, my whole being waits, and in his word, I put my hope.”


Waiting can be hard to do but it’s often harder to trust God while waiting through those difficult seasons.   Scripture reminds us time and time again that it is in God’s word that we must put our faith, hope, and trust.


This week I wonder: How have you patiently waited for the Lord during seasons of suffering, anxiety, or uncertainty?



May it be so,


Rev. Lou Ward

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